Our Ready Made Reading activity book are fun to use as support materials for your curriculum. Kids with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disabilities are drawn to their colorful appearance. Teachers and parents love their heavy weight laminated pages that require no handwriting. The books are designed using visual strategies to enhance learning. They come ready to use and are proudly assembled by adults with disabilities!

Teachers and parents love our Ready Made Reading Activity Books because:
■They require NO assembly,
■They are colorfully designed to appeal to all learners,
■They use research strategies such as color coding and visual structure,
■They are coil bound for ease of use,
■The pages and covers of each book are laminated for durability,
■They are interactive with the use of hook and loop tape which make each book easy to use and do not require handwriting skills,
■The activity books help clarify skills and support progress of academic learning,
■The activity books help minimize behavior problems by providing the student with autism spectrum disorder materials that they can be successful in completing.

Visit our site often because our inventory of activity books continues to grow!

Student matches picture word cards to pictures in flip book. Activity comes with two sets of cards: word...
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