Any Baby Can of San Antonio, TX - Guiding Families In Need Since 1982.

All profits made from the sale of Blue Cat PIES supports Any Baby Can’s Autism Services Program.  The products are designed using research-based strategies to support students with autism and related developmental disabilities.  Strategies such as color coding, visual organization and visual structure are a part of all Blue Cat PIES products.

Any Baby Can of San Antonio provides coordinated care from case managers to help families navigate complex medical systems, access community resources and learn about support and education in the community. Any Baby Can of San Antonio has a program designed specifically for families who have a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

The Autism Services Program is a family and community support program that offers an understanding of the nature of autism and how to increase positive behaviors in children through the following services:

 -Behavior Support

-Comprehensive autism resource guide

-Group counseling with a licensed psychologist

-Variety of trainings to support the family

-Community autism awareness and acceptance

    Blue Cat PIES products are assembled by adults with disabilities. These individuals take great pride in their work and have expressed their excitement in participating in this truly unique program. We are so proud to be able to give back to the community by providing gainful employment to individuals with disabilities. Every purchase you make helps give meaning to the life of an individual with a disability through employment.

    Teachers enjoys using the books because:

    • books come pre-laminated for extended use over time
    • books are colorful and fun for students
    • pages and cards in the books use hook and loop tape and coins, so handwriting is not required
    • books are assembled by adults with disabilities who take pride in their workmanship

    Our goal at Blue Cat PIES is to assist students with special needs to access the general education curriculum.

     Billy & Elijah

    The blue cat used for the Blue Cat PIES logo is named “Billy” and was created by Elijah, a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Elijah is an active child who has a love for drawing. Elijah has been a participant of Any Baby Can’s Saturday morning art class where he has been able to express his many artistic talents. One talent was the drawing of the blue cat that we have taken on as our logo for our interactive teaching products of Blue Cat PIES.