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Our Ready Made Math activity books are fun to use as support materials for your curriculum.  Kids are drawn to their colorful appearance.  Teachers and parents love their heavy weight laminated pages.  No handwriting is required.  The books are designed using visual strategies to enhance learning.  Everything is supplied and ready to go.  The teacher just opens up the book and arranges the cards.  Students who once struggled to learn and pay attention become actively engaged.  Our Ready Made activity books are proudly assembled by adults with disabilities!

Here is the list of books that comes in this set:

  • Expanded Notation
  • How Many
  • Missing Numbers
  • Number Sets
  • Number to Number Match
  • One to One
  • Order by Size
  • Sequence of Events
  • Simple Addition
  • Simple Fractions
  • Simple Graphs
  • Simple Measurement
  • Simple Subtraction